Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maybe tomorrow

Didn't get it done.. Maybe tomorrow during the race...

tool 10

The ipods will be a huge draw for our students. This is technology that is not readily available to them. I invision using them in centers and as a web quest tool. Giving then a set of directions will lead them to an end result. I looked at several science apps that will give the students some wonderful insight to things we may want to touch on but just don't have time to cover. The apps that I visited were from NASA and one called Planets

Tool 9- Gonna finish this today

I see Jing being used as a part of center work. I plan on using the netbooks as a center and using Jing students can show others what they have discovered. They can also use it to capyure and create images to use in flip charts.

Now Skype I am really excited about. I have a connection to a person that is actually working at a science station in the Antarctic. She is interested in connecting with students in America. I would love to work this into some experience for my students.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello again!!

Yes I have been gone for a while BUT I have not been absent. I completed the DDI course, I took and PASSED my PPR exam and I bought a new critter for my science classroom!! I'll get a pic and post it. I'll give you a hint arachnaphobic folks may not want to visit my room this year!!