Monday, August 2, 2010

Done!? I think...

Well I finished the assesment! Sooo I think I am done. I am gonna keep visiting my flip flops and post funny stuff that happens this year so if you are a blog reader put me in your favorites!


Okay folks, I just completed the assesment for the 11 tools. That was tough... I don't remember seeing some of that stuff along the way... Thank goodness the score is not important.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Final Post(not really I like my blog and intend to keep it)

What I have really enjoyed about these tools is basically the blogging itself. I like having the ability to communicate by posting a quick comment(i.e. Facebook). I REALLY enjoy making the avatars I may have a new one each week. The students will enjoy making them as well. I also believe that the google docks will save a lot of time , money and paper. I am looking forward to seeing how they are used.
I am excited about using Skype to set up communication for my students with scientist in the Antarctic. I think that as they students realize exactly where they are they will be amazed!

Last year I used my Activeboard everyday, all day, with these techological additions I will be able to give my students a true global digital experience that they can participate in.

There were really no "wow" moments for me as I worked through these tools but I have enjoyed "lurking" through fellow teachers blogs to see what they are working on and what they plan on using their technology for. I especially like my voki and what he says... if you haven't heard you should press play.

Tool 11!! Last one!

Digital Citizenship, I feel is the most important thing to address before our students even touch any of the technology. They need to know the rules and be able to understand why they are there to keep themselves safe as well as keeping the technology working well for years to come.

I intend to have several lessons on the different aspects of citizenship and have both the students and their parent agree to and sign to some Digital citizenship rules before they are allowed to use the technology. That way everyone knows they have a responsibility to keep themselves, their work and the equipment safe.