Monday, June 14, 2010

I really enjoyed the Photo Story process. The only problem I had was taking the time to get my phptps from a different computer onto the one I am working on.

In the classroom students will be able to document and share progression of projects or just daily life and the can collaborate to create and edit text and content for their story.


  1. Thanks for giving me that kick in the seat to get started. You are so much farther along in this process than me and I am getting excited about what's ahead. I love the blog you have created, it captures you! Take care and enjoy the sun!

  2. There are lots of possibilities with Photo Story. Students love working with it and creating their own stories. I think the key is to write your story first, and then find the photos to go with it.

  3. Love the music! That would have been the Beach Boys? I thoroughly enjoyed the beach theme. The students are going to enjoy the connections you'll share from your vacation. What a conversation piece for the students. :)